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Melissa’s Luck

Melissa had it all – good looks, a beautiful baby, and two men who each thought they were the baby’s father! (Published in Woman’s Day, 2000)

What Melissa wanted, Melissa got.
It had been like that all our lives. We were resigned to it. Melissa got all the luck.
She was the only slender blue eyed blonde in a family of sturdy brunettes, and played on it mercilessly. We adored her. We indulged her. She was the middle child, and totally spoilt.
Even my wedding day was viewed by the family not as Samantha-and-Bruce’s-Wedding, but as Melissa’s-day-as-chief-bridesmaid. Slim and dainty, she led the procession down the aisle so effectively that I, gazing lovingly (erroneously so, as it turned out, but I digress) at my bridegroom, was almost ignored by the entire congregation. I remember the minister’s eyes were on gorgeous Melissa as he intoned, “Dearly beloved”. But that was Melissa. It was only to be expected. Continue reading

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