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Chain of Events

Yvonne’s plans for a new kitchen go awry with the discovery of an historic ice cellar under the house. However, she knows money, power and greed will ensure she gets her own way…or will it? (Winner of the Margaret Oliver Award and runner-up in general section, 1997 Fellowship of Australian Writers Short Story Competition, Moocooboola Chapter)

“What do you mean, it can’t be done?” Yvonne almost yelled, but the cowed look on the little man’s face tempered her howl of rage by a couple of degrees. “We know we can get council permission to pull the back of the house off. We’ve already won that battle. It’s not the original timber, it was totally replaced in 1928 so therefore it isn’t heritage and therefore the old timber extension can come down and the new brick extension can go UP!’ Yvonne felt herself almost foaming at the mouth. Taking the advice that things couldn’t be done didn’t come naturally to her. Most things, in her book, COULD be done. You just had to find the right price. Continue reading

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