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Taking it to the streets in Paris

A diversion from writing fiction or reviews for me, this time. I thought I’d share some photos with you as part of a project I am doing as a guest blogger on another site.

Paris in the springtime … it’s the stuff of lovers, of movies, of songs, of writers. Of photographers.

If Paris doesn’t lift your creative heart, you’re a lost cause. Sorry.

I was lucky enough to visit Paris in June 2016, in late spring. The chestnut trees had finished flowering, but the summer heat hadn’t started. Window boxes across the city had been newly planted with pelargoniums in a riot of colour, or hydrangeas with nodding heads of every colour of the rainbow. Women had started exchanging their heavy winter scarves for lighter summerweight versions – heaven forbid that any true Parisienne would be seen without a scarf! Continue reading


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