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Foxed pages? Don’t you dare leave that thing here!

Every so often I go through ‘stuff’ and put together bags for charity of things I can’t sell or which will take too long to sell. I did a book purge recently and rocked up to my local Salvation Army shop with a car boot full and happily unloaded the boxes for inspection.

“We don’t take books,” the woman said sniffily.

“Eh? But you sell them!”

“Not books with brown spots on the paper. It could be mites or anything nasty. We only take books that look new. No charity shops take old books any more.”

Well bugger me. One of the delights of charity shops was finding that one book in the series you were missing, or spending 50c getting something from an author, perhaps a bit obscure, you hadn’t tried before, or finding something out of print you’d been wondering about. Continue reading


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