Meet Caroline

Caroline Sully has been writing since an early age but has never got round to finishing that elusive novel, choosing instead to write frivolous short stories which she finds hard to get published. On the serious side she has won awards for her short stories in literary competitions, and in the past has had several stories for teenagers published in magazines.

Caroline is married but does not have three children. She still has a day job and lives in Sydney, Australia. She has a number of four-legged and feathered companions, but does not do anything kinky with them. Pub crawling through the UK, Europe, the US and Canada has given Caroline a deep and meaningful insight into life which is continually reflected in her fiction.

Caroline isn’t actually one of those wankers who constantly refers to herself in the third person, but is following accepted author bio practice on this page.

And she’d love to hear from you whether you love, like, hate or are indifferent to her work. Drop a comment!

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