About Caroline’s fiction

Some of these stories are decidedly whimsical or downright silly. Many of these stories were written for girlfriends who wanted something short and funny with a bit of hanky panky chucked in for good measure; the kind of fiction mainstream women’s magazines won’t touch. Most of these couldn’t get published any other way except for on this site. The silliest (and most sex-laden) include Love Without the Lights On, She Loved Riding Sidesaddle, Guinevere and the Knights on the Round Table and Isabel Shakes her Spear. These four cheered up poor pregnant Sarah, stuck in country Victoria in the 1990s with few friends at the time, no end.

My mother wondered why I write silly stories; the answer is, I enjoy it. She’d have liked me to write more serious stuff, so you’ll find a few that have won awards and are definitely less on the silly side (and a couple that HAVE been published by magazines). I don’t pretend to write heavy literature; I write to please myself and others who simply want a good read without buckets of angst. Or just want a laugh. Or both. Mostly I hope you’ll laugh at the funny bits.

A number of my stories contain sexual references and/or bad language (see the quartet mentioned in the first para for starters). The worst offenders have a little warning before you start reading. And don’t expect to find them politically correct! I am old-fashioned in many ways; nothing and nobody is sacred, so be warned. If you think you’re going to be offended, then please don’t read past the warning. Or maybe the first paragraph or two.

I haven’t been inspired to write much in the last few years, as may be noticed by the copyright section at the end of each story (most stories are SO last century!). Any of you who have delved into my sillier stuff may say that’s a blessing. What with running my own business, which often includes weekend work, I don’t have the mental brainspace at the end of the day to plot and write. But one day, one day…there will be a new story or six.

Happy reading!  And if you like a story – or even hate it, despise it, think it’s total crap – leave a comment. Let’s get chatting!

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