Australian Women Writers: 2012 Challenge

awwc2012Having happened upon the Australian Women Writers Challenge AFTER it has started I’m now keen to get involved and play catch up.

There are soooo many talented Australian women writers writing today and in the past; where do I start?

I’ll be reviewing books by Sulari Gentill and Gillian Mears, in fact I already have. New crime author Ellen Mary Wilton gets a review for her first crime novel Hysteria in the Wisteria, there is a wealth of Kerry Greenwood books (some of which I have read so often I can quote from), Mandy Sayer’s Love in the Years of Lunacy and many more on my bookshelves and iPad which I’ll be reviewing before the year’s end.

I’m hoping to have between ten and fifteen reviews here as part of the Challenge this year. I read a LOT of books – it’s finding the time to write up the reviews that’s going to be the hard thing.

This is going to be a fun journey. I hope to read many other reviews as well as books along the way! Somehow I think I’m going to be too busy reading to write much fiction of my own. C’est la vie.


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