And still on typewriters…

…I’m delighted to discover that today is Typewriter Day 2011 – click here for more info. Those of us who still possess these clackety mechanical friends are encouraged to take videos of ourselves using them, upload and send the links in to the Typosphere.

I hadn’t realised this until I got home from my Mum’s today with the trusty little Olivetti Lettera 32 in the back of the car, installed with a new (black only, sadly) ribbon. I’m going to have a bit of fun with it over the next few weeks and rediscover manual typing life. I thought I’d hunt around over a cuppa for typewriter fanatics online and wasn’t disappointed – Typosphere is the link I wish I’d found earlier in the week.

So while I can’t be arsed taking a video of myself using it – I’m still working and will be for a while yet tonight, don’t have time to faff around with videos and besides the lighting is lousy here at night because of the low-energy bulbs – my thoughts are with the Typosphere and all who sail in her.

Here’s the little Olivetti, still as clean and neat as the day she was made:


Works without electricity.

And of course there is the eternal question:

Where's the delete key?

Happy Typewriter Day 2011!



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2 responses to “And still on typewriters…

  1. Rob

    Such language! Great to see you giving a shout out to Typewriter Day. If nothing else, it has unearthed some great new blogs, like yours, for me to follow.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for dropping by. Sorry about the language but this shall be a blanket apology for any of the language in my blog. There’s a bit of it! Hope you had a good Typewriter Day…

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