La belle baguette sans merci – dreams can make good fiction

La Belle Baguette Sans MerciLast night was abysmal. At 2am in our hot little uninsulated house it was still nearly 30 degrees in our bedroom. The kind of night when you lie under the ceiling fan, sans sheets, and long for sleep. When it comes, it’s in bursts of two or three hours, with vivid dreams.

I usually don’t remember my dreams, which is a shame, as they would make fantastic fiction! My dreams are usually of the adventure variety; in my dreams I travel the world, I get caught up in intrigue or danger, I do things I wouldn’t do when I’m awake. Like rock-climbing. One in ten dreams might still be in my head when I wake up, and when I woke up at 4 this morning hot and bothered, I had a grip of the one in the ten.

I had baked a baguette which performed akin to a light sabre. It was a weapon. It shot sparks. If I swung my loaf of bread it whizzed and whirred and electric pulses spat from its warm golden sides. I vaguely recall chasing an enemy (not sure who but probably the God of Hot Summer Nights) and slashing at him with the mighty baguette. Wham! Pow! (Oh, hang on, it’s a baguette. French in origin.) Paf! Ouf! La belle baguette sans merci!

I think the idea has merit. A magic baguette. So don’t steal my idea… only I know what the baguette actually looks like. Only I know how to make it a lethal 24 inches of flour and water and that little something extra. 🙂

Why did I dream about a baguette? I’m a baker’s granddaughter who bakes her own bread and while it’s usually a wholemeal or wholemeal/spelt tin loaf, I had found a baguette recipe to try on French Women Don’t Get Fat. It looks OK but I question not adding sugar or honey to the yeast mix. But I digress.

So back to dreams. Has anyone out there turned a vivid dream into written fiction? Have your dreams given you ideas? Have you dreamed about fiction you’re writing (and perhaps got some good plot twists)?


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